The Ball Is Rolling

It all started with my usual daily routine of going through my podcast list.
Whilst trying to find something that I can relate to, or be inspired by.
I noticed a new interview with a handyman on the Small Business Big Marketing podcast.

Sounds interesting… I though.

I normally like these things, as they are with real people, doing real things in the real world.
And I can relate to a Handyman as it is within the same sort of field that I have been working for the last 20 years.

Anyway… the interview was OK, nothing really inspiring, but it opened my eyes, And my mind.

I realised that I have been doing manual jobs for others, that live upto 200 miles from my home, almost every working day.
I have been going out of my way to do the best I could for the clients and in some cases I have built up a trusting relationships.

But all this time I have just been the face of someone else’s company.
There has been no recognition, no bonus and no extra thanks from my boss’s.


I think I must have been pondering on what I had heard earlier that day quite a bit,
I know that I drifted in and out of thinking about running my own handyman business for a few days.

After a lot of procrastination I realised that this could be a real opportunity for me.
After all, I have the skills to do most manual jobs.

After a day of weighing the pro’s and the cons, I came to the conclusion that this is going to be my first entrepreneurial pursuit.

Plan of action

I have planned to give myself 5 months to implement the plan and leave my current employer.
This is partly because I have a family to provide for and I don’t think marketing a my business near Xmas will be beneficial to me.

I am in the process of building the website so that I can move forward with the marketing. (to start as soon as website is live)

Trying to find a way that I can get 30 new customers to part with £100 before I have even started the company is going to be a challenge.
But I will need a new van and I don’t have any money.

One thing I have learnt from listening to over 1000 podcast in 2013, is that “by thinking creative and out of the box, anything is possible”.

I know my target audience, but reaching them will be a challenge.

Here a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of me becoming a handyman


  • I know I can do most jobs. I am a fire alarm engineer/Electrician by trade.
  • I am very resourceful.
  • I like helping people. ( to much sometimes, could be my downfall)
  • I am genuinely interested in old and less abled people.
  • I understand the importance of relationships and communities.
  • I am open and honest
  • I have got a friend with a successful local painting business in our community.
    That gives me a mentor.
  • I don’t need to earn a fortune to start with.
  • I have good contacts within this field.
  • I know how to market this.
  • I can cold call/ hand out leaflets/ magnets
  • Advertise locally
  • Only need 2 social groups Twitter and Facebook.

I could reel off a ton of reasons in the Pros section.


  • I am scared.
  • I am not business savvy.
  • I am not money motivated.
  • I need to make an income in the first month of starting.

When you look at the pros and cons, you can see why it’s a natural fit for me.
A big perk for me would be having the ability to be nearer my family and be involved more with my boy.

Resources mentioned on this page:

Small Business Big marketing


Battling Anxiety And Personality

What a couple of weeks it’s been.
Since starting this blog, I have lost all motivation to take any action on anything.

It feels like I have given myself a task that is to great and I am feeling overwhelmed by it.

The ideas are flowing, but I am not even able to approach the starting blocks.

I have had a change of mind about my niche sites.
I said I was going to give up on those because they didn’t seem like they were worth the effort;

But, the more I think about it… It feels like I am giving up on something that is working.
After all they do make me some money, even if it is only a small amount at the moment.


I have had few  (what I think are) good ideas recently for online and offline projects.
At the moment I am more drawn to the offline idea.

I think that the reason for that is because it’s where i am more comfortable doing business.
After all, It’s where I have spent the last 28 years earning my living.

Another battle for me, with regards to an online business, is great copy.
Grammar alone is a hard work for this uneducated lad, but for some unknown reason I am able to communicate verbally with people.

The reason I say that about myself, is because I know how hard it is to put your personality into text.

I do know that my personality can come across as very dry, and sometimes ‘to’ straight to the point.

At least when I am having to sell my self offline, I am able to adapt my personality to the required task.

Though this is probably not the best way to approach marketing or selling myself;
But remember I am coming from a place where sales and making money has never been top of my list.

Those That Can’t, Teach

I’m really struggling to get to grips the entrepreneurial ways.

Motivation is a big enemy of mine. Even finding the motivation to write a post at the moment, is super hard work.

I go through phases of not being able to tear myself away from the computer to not being able to face it for more than 2 minutes.

So far I have 3 ideas in my head for things that I want to do, but taking action is very hard.

One thing that I find odd is… I can not motivate myself to do something for me, but if a friend asked for help, I would be there straight away, giving them the motivational spiel and helping in anyway possible.

I do know that I am very motivated by the thought of someone else’s success, rather than my own, and the more I try to think of my self as an entrepreneur, the harder it seems for me to take action on anything.

Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.

I think I know where my natural abilities lie, but in all honesty I would like to add some sort of proof to what I preach.

As I said previously “I am happy teaching”, and I think that is what I am passionate about and maybe that’s why I find it difficult to be motivated about other things.

After all isn’t true that the best way to live, is by doing something your are passionate about.

And yes, I do think I could teach, but I feel I need to prove myself first, but I know there is no proof in half arsed attempts at things.

First I need to have proof that I can put my actions where my mouth is.

Then maybe I wont feel such a fraud.


Rich Dad Poor Dad – The Error Of My Ways

lifes a beachI have often wondered why I am not entrepreneurial, because I definitely have some of the natural abilities and traits of an entrepreneur.

I have always seeked to help others with their pain points and been a good problem solver.

I have many abilities and have had some good opportunities to make money.
But I have never recognized any of them as entrepreneurial opportunities.

Rich dad Poor dad.

It wasn’t until just a few days ago, that I realized why I have not made the most of my abilities.

After purchasing a new book, ‘Rich Dad Poor dad’, a book about understanding money.
It was after about 20 pages in, that I read a paragraph that made me realize the errors of my ways.

Those that aim to earn only what they need, will only earn what they need.

All of a sudden I realized that for years, I have been calculating my required monthly income and only aiming to meet that target.

I have always broke my desires down into manageable, or what I see as achievable goals for me to reach, without me having to work my nuts off.

I don’t believe this is a bad thing. In some ways, I think of it as a very clever thing.
I think that if a few more people had my view on goal setting, they would get more from life.

I definitely wouldn’t say that the breaking down of all goals is the right way to go, but if you are not being able to give yourself small rewards, then you will not be inspired or motivated by your efforts.

In saying that, I had been heading in the other direction.
My intentions where always to have as many experiences as possible, just for the sake of adventure and for the avoidance of responsibilities.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a shirker. I have always pulled my weight and worked hard when hard work was needed. But I have always found ways to work less for my wage, and when I have earnt more than what I need, I have done exactly what Robert T. Kiyosaki talks about in his book.

“Spend the excess funds on crap, because I had no understanding of how to make money work for me and because of that lack of financial education, excess money became meaningless play money.”

Then one month later, I would earn my basic, but then a bill would come in that I could not afford to pay.
he describes this as the way the lower to middle classes think about money.

How I would make things achievable

    • I wanted to be a racing car driver when I was younger, probably like most boys.
      I knew I did not have the contacts, finances and ability to make it in to the big stuff.
      So I started at the bottom. Banger racing, then to Oval non contact racing.
      This was achievable because it only required a few hundred pounds, rather than thousands or even tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds.
      I found that it satisfied my desires and ticked the box’s that I had created.
      Rather than believing that I would get lucky and that someone would notice my talents and never getting to race at all.


  • I always wanted to go on holiday, but didn’t believe a poor kid from a housing estate in England could go abroad on holiday, especially with less than £150.
    One day a me and friend sold all of our stuff, and brought a sleeping bag, rucksack and tent. We hitched a lift through France, Spain and Portugal, where we found ourselves on a municipal campsite on the beach; Where we stayed for a month and had the best times of our lives.

What I learned through those two experiences, is that rather than saying I want to be a Formula one driver, or I want to go on holiday in a fancy hotel with a nice pool and nothing else will do, is: “I can do things, great things, create memories and better myself. All without having to surrender my soul to the normal attitude of the lower and middle class way of thinking.”

By always finding ways to break down goals into achievable goals has had an effect on my lifestyle outlook. Though I cant say whether it was for the best or not, all I know is that it worked for me.

I adopted the saying. “You cant have everything. But you can have a little of everything.” By which I still live my life and believe to be true.

What I question now though, is did that mindset determine the way I approached everything else in my life.

If I am honest.

I’d have to say yes, but I would not change it for the world

I have just started with the “rich dad poor dad” book, and I am sure I will find many more things out about myself.

Am I Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur

can I be an entrepreneurO shit…

I know this is a funny way to start a blog post, but I am writing from the heart.
I had created the idea for this site a while ago but had no place to start.

The site has been loaded up for awhile but with no post, no design or direction.



The title, “The Eventual Entrepreneur”.

That’s how I see my self, or should I say “how I’d like to see myself”.

This is my first post and I am not going to go into my story or background, but I am going to say that I am as far from being entrepreneurial as you could possibly imagine.

If you would like to read a long story about me, you’ll have to wait. But it’s coming.

Why I started this post with “O shit”?

I have been making a small sum from internet marketing for a while now and have created a few niche sites over the past year.
But Things are changing, I am changing…

Tonight I decided that I am spending to much time creating these sites, spending hours, even days on SEO (search engine rankings) and with very little reward, when compared to something greater.

I got up off the sofa tonight and thought, “O shit, I cant wast any more time on things that are not viable”.
So from now on I am not doing any more small sites or wasting my time on old ones.
It’s time to move forward again.

One thing I hear over and over again from entrepreneurs, is that you have to know when it’s time to quit.

For me. That time is now!

My head Hurts

The curse of the Multi-potentialite

I have a ton of ideas everyday, some are pain point solvers, some would be for B2B ideas and some are purely web based.
My mind is swimming in a sea of ideas, but each idea dies as I watch them fade into the distance.

It’s as though I don’t have the ability to jump in and save them, due to the fear of not being able to swim myself.

My ideas seem greater than me, greater than my ability and with the fear that my own personality will destroy anything positive.
I let them slip like a ship in the night.

Riches beyond Your wildest dreams

I always associated entrepreneurship with wealth, maybe it was through a lack of education on my part.
I know that most entrepreneurs are aiming for wealth.

Lets face it, wealth enables freedom.
I think that deep down Freedom is the motivating factor, after all you wont find an entrepreneur that says he/she loved having a boss, and not being in control of their life journey.

Freedom we can all have, that’s easy.
But add comfort to that and you need wealth.

From all of the interviews with entrepreneurs that I have listened to over the past couple of years, I have realised that people with an entrepreneurial mindset are focused and goal orientated.

But the goal at the beginning is not wealth or comfort.
The goal is to prove that an idea could be something bigger than just an idea.

An entrepreneur is in their “comfort” zone when there is pressure, when there is no wealth.
These people thrive in this environment, but they don’t lose site of the goal and the wealth that will eventually come.

That wealth will then allow them to put themselves in the same position again with another idea.

So I think there is a big void between entrepreneur and business owner, where-as, a short while ago I would of put them in the same category.

Am I Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

I don’t know how to answer that…

I think some people just don’t have the balls, the mindset or the skills etc etc.

I am not even sure I do, and if am honest, I don’t think I do.
I feel like I have created another blog as an outlet for my over active brain.
But I am competitive and an optimist. I also know that I am in control of my life story.

I know that I can have freedom, because I’m not afraid of having nothing.
But the lack of desire for comfort, is what may hold me back when the going gets tough.